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The Physicians’ Institute for Excellence in Medicine invites you to participate in the Annual Campaign. This campaign helps support the programs and activities that advance and fulfill the mission of the Physicians’ Institute of improving patient safety and achieving clinical improvements for physicians and their patients. Your contribution to the Physicians’ Institute, a 501(c)(3) organization, is tax deductible.

General Donations:

When making a contribution to your charities, please consider a gift to the Physicians’ Institute.

Major Gifts:

The Foundation seeks major gifts to create a lasting remembrance of special individuals while helping others. If you would like to establish a name fund, please call 678.303.9287

Planned Gifts:

These endowments provide the opportunity to fulfill philanthropic wishes and may enhance financial security for yourself and/or your loved ones. An endowment gift can support a purpose or program as designated by the donor and only the interest earnings are used. A donor also can create unrestricted endowments.

Make a Donation

Physicians and friends of medicine contribute to the Physicians’ Institute through a variety of means in order to advance the innovative and constructive activities of this 501(C)(3) organization. Please consider a year-end contribution to the Physicians’ Institute.

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