Meaningful Use

The EHR Incentive program is based on the “meaningful use” of certified EHR technology. The incentive program provides the funding to adopt and utilize an EHR, and the provider must demonstrate that he/she is utilizing the EHR in a meaningful manner, following the Meaningful Use requirements.

CMS has defined Meaningful Use in stages, with each stage requiring more advanced use of electronic health records. Stage 2 requirements were released in August 2012. To acquaint yourself with the details and requirements of this program, please review the materials provided by the Physicians’ Institute.

The Physicians’ Institute is providing the following resources to assist practices in understanding and achieving Meaningful Use. These materials and guides were compiled for the Physicians’ Institute by Coker Group, a nationally recognized healthcare consulting firm. This “Achieving Meaningful Use” initiative was supported through a grant to the Physicians’ Institute by the Physicians Foundation.