Grants & Training

About the Collaborative Grants Program

The Physicians’ Institute has become a national leader in developing and managing collaborative educational projects that provide managed educational grants to continuing medical education (CME) providers and other affiliated organizations, with a focus on outcomes-based and performance improvement (PI) -based CME activities. The Physicians’ Institute currently has collaborative relationships with eighteen organizations, representing approximately 900 CME providers. To date, the Physicians’ Institute has developed and managed 26 distinct initiatives representing almost 300 grantees with more than 6000 participants located in 25 states focusing on an array of clinical areas.


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About Training

Recognizing the need for high quality, in-depth training and education for health care providers and CME professionals, the Physicians’ Institute also focuses on Process Improvement Training (PIT). The Physicians’ Institute‚Äôs PIT training modules include CME Outcomes, Performance Improvement, and Motivational Interviewing/Patient Centered Communications.