About the Physicians’ Institute

Physicians’ Institute for Excellence in Medicine, Inc.

The Physicians’ Institute for Excellence in Medicine (a nonprofit subsidiary of the Medical Association of Georgia) has become a national leader in developing and managing collaborative educational projects that provide educational grants and projects to Continuing Medical Education (CME) providers, with a focus on outcomes-based and performance improvement activities.  To date, the Physicians’ Institute has developed and managed 26 distinct initiatives representing almost 300 grantees with more than 6000 participants located in 25 states focusing on an array of clinical areas.

The overall aim of the Physicians’ Institute Collaborative Model is to improve the quality and impact of local CME.  These collaborations give the Physicians’ Institute tremendous reach into locally-provided CME based on locally identified professional practice gaps in community hospitals, health systems, and state chapters of specialty societies.

The Physicians’ Institute focuses on a unique model of pooled funding, the Collaborative Grants Model™.  This model features secondary grants to CME providers, with the added benefits of integrated evaluation services, educational design consultation, project management, and aggregate outcome reports.  Depending upon the project, standardized curriculum, monographs, video-based content including simulated patients, and audio-visual services may be provided.

To date, the Physicians’ Institute has developed and managed 25 distinct initiatives representing 225 Live grantees with an average of with 5,881 participants located in 25 states focusing on an array of clinical areas, including Depression and Anxiety; Cardiovascular Risk Factors, Diabetes, Tobacco Cessation, COPD, Alzheimer’s and other Dementias, Chronic Pain, Pneumonia, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Low Back Pain, Stroke, Adult Vaccinations, Blood Management, and Sepsis.  Reports are available for completed projects.

Recognizing the need for high quality, in-depth training and education for health care providers and CME professionals, the Physicians’ Institute also focuses on Process Improvement Training (PIT).  The Physicians’ Institute’s PIT training modules include CME Outcomes, Performance Improvement, and Motivational Interviewing/Patient Centered Communications.  The Physicians’ has provided more than a dozen training activities.

Physicians’ Institute activities have been published in journals such as the Journal of Continuing Education in the Health Professions and CE Measure. The Physicians’ Institute website includes project report summaries, educational videos, and related resources at www.physiciansinstitute.org.