The Intersection of PCMH, Pain Management and Performance Improvement

Supported by an educational grant from Pfizer

The focus of this initiative is on management of chronic pain within a Medical Home context. Grantees manage physician practices to design and implement a comprehensive learning and change strategy for a community-based Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) model, targeting the entire care team, that assess the impact of a medical education/Performance Improvement-based program, as measured by improvement in (a) clinical patient outcomes and/or (b) process outcomes for pain management interventions.

The project is a collaboration between Pfizer Independent Grants for Learning and Change (IGL&C), the funder, and the Physician’s Institute, the sponsor and manager. The California Academy of Family Physicians is managing the Performance Improvement components of the project.


  • Kentucky-ACP, ACP, Bloomberg School of Public Health – Enhancing Effective, Safe Chronic Pain Management in PCMH-Recognized and ACO-Participating Primary Care Practices: A Kentucky ACP Chapter Quality Network Initiative
  • Maine Quality Counts – Maine Quality Counts: Improving Chronic Pain Management in PCMH Practices
  • Missouri Center for Healthcare Quality – Transforming Pain Management in Missouri FQHC Medical Homes
  • New Jersey Academy of Family Physicians – Engaging the Care Team to Facilitate Comprehensive Pain Management in the Primary Care Setting
  • Wisconsin Primary Health Care Association and Pain Peer Learning Network – Community Health Pain Management Improvement Project


Presentations – January 23-24, 2014


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