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September 30, 2014

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Grants & Training

  • Improving the Treatment of Chronic Pain in the Patient Centered Medical Home - Supported by Pfizer - Projects in 5 States
  • REMS Long-Acting Opioid Activities using FDA-Approved Content - Supported by the RPC (REMS Program Companies) - 15 State Medical Societies and 16 AHME Hospitals in 8 States REMS: FDA Approved Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies
  • Improving the Primary Care Treatment of Atrial Fibrillation - Block Grants, AHME and AAPA - Supported by the Bristol-Myers Squibb/Pfizer Partnership - 24 Projects in 17 States
  • PCMH (Patient Centered Medical Home) University for Primary Care Physicians - Educational Activities and Practice Coaching - Supported by Georgia Academy of Family Physicians
  • Reducing Readmissions in Georgia - A Pilot Performance Improvement Project - 3 South Georgia Hospitals in collaboration with local physician practices - Supported by the Georgia Hospital Association
  • Motivational Interviewing Training - Enduring Activities focusing on Tobacco Cessation and Vaccinations for Adults

Bob's News & Views

Things are busy this spring at the Physicians' Institute. I would like to bring everyone up to date on some of our current projects.

Chronic Pain Project

We have chosen five primary care organizations in Maine, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Missouri, and New Jersey to participate in our "Community-based Strategies for the Management of Chronic Pain" project funded by a generous grant from Pfizer. These organizations have chosen 5-10 primary care practices to work with within a Patient-Centered Medical Home Model and are beginning to meet with the practices and to pick improvement goals. Over the rest of the year, the practices will engage in QI projects in consultation with practice facilitators supplied by the primary care organizations and with experts associated with the Physicians' Institute through six scheduled webinars.

We are very excited about the potential of this project to yield significant outcomes data. Toward the end of the project, five practices will be chosen to come to Atlanta and be video-recorded telling their improvement story. We will be sharing those stories with the CPD community through various outlets, so stay tuned.

Patient-Centered Medical Home

I and Adele Cohen have been privileged to be consultants to the Georgia Academy of Family Physicians as they have offered three classes of their "PCMH University" to their members. These classes, designed to promote primary care practice transformation and achieving NCQA Recognition, last for 14 months and feature live collaborative learning experiences, and in-practice facilitation by PCMH Practice Coaches. I am a lead faculty for the live sessions and offer consultation to the overall project as well as to the individual practices. Adele serves as a Practice Coach, having achieved "Certified Content Expert" status through NCQA. We currently have ten practices in the current class, with a range of solo practitioners, employed physicians, health system-affiliated practices, and a residency program. Our educational efforts are totally team-based, and include all members of the "Transformation Team." The Team includes a representative from every service area of the practice.

Georgia Physicians Leadership Academy

I serve as the "Dean" of the Georgia Physicians Leadership Academy (GPLA), offered through the Medical Association of Georgia Foundation. We are set to begin our seventh class of emerging physician leaders this May. The GPLA is a year-long program that includes six day-long educational sessions and requires each physician to design and complete a leadership project during the 12 months. Participants are nominated by their Specialty Society or County Medical Society and are usually the President-elect of that society. Classes so far have been comprised of 12-14 participants, so at this point we have about 80 physician leader graduates. The aims of the GPLA are to identify the next generation of physician leaders of organized medicine and to give them colleagues with whom to network.

From my perspective, it is an honor to be allowed to participate in these sessions and to observe how, without fail, these physician leaders, who generally do not know each other at the beginning of the class, grow close and share at an extraordinarily deep level. It is definitely not business as usual.

Anyone who is interested in starting a physician leadership program should contact me at I would be glad to share our model with anyone.

Even More

Just to mention a few more projects that will be starting soon, I will be facilitating a reducing hospital readmissions QI project that is a joint venture between the Medical Association of Georgia and the Georgia Hospital Association; I am working on establishing a "Quality Institute" for the Medical Association of Georgia that will be modeled on the GPLA; continuing to work with CO*RE on REMS projects through our State Medical Societies Collaborative; continuing to work on Atrial Fibrillation-related projects as a member of TEAM-A; and exploring new possibilities as a member of ICE (Innovations in Continuing Education).

And that's just what we know about now! As I say, stay tuned!